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Monday, March 5, 2012

Getting Around

   It's all about getting around these days. I can't help but wonder if there is some Universal lesson in this. If so, I can't imagine what it might be. Maybe I should think a little harder (Like Winnie the Pooh: think, think, think). As you know, my car has been feeling a little, well...challenged. Unfortunately so have I and the two things running concurrently has been a rather inconvenient development. As I sit here, neither situation has exactly been resolved but at least things seem to be heading in the right direction.

   Thanks to Tommy (of Coggio Upholstery; the best upholstery shop around) who has often found himself #1 on my "Awesome List" it looks as though my car may be getting fixed for a reasonable cost and getting inspected.  My car is with him now and has been since last night. I haven't heard anything so I'm sitting here with my fingers crossed thinking that no news is good news. Optimistic? Perhaps. But I'm going with it anyway. "Getting fixed" means different things to different people (and something else altogether if you're a dog) and for Goldie the car, it means another year or two. It's sad to think about the end of Goldie's career (and a little anxiety-inducing) but it has to happen eventually. Being the impulsive person I am though, I will be quite content with 'safe enough' and 'legal' for the time being. Also quite relieved.

  And as for my own lack of personal 'stability', I took a step in that direction too (albeit a wobbly, kinda dizzy one). I called Katrina at Service Dog Designs and talked about exactly what I needed. I can't tell you what a relief it was just thinking about having exactly what I needed, exactly where I needed it. Katrina has also earned a place on the "Awesome List" for being amazing at customer service and for straight-up know-how. Her harnesses are the best and I can certainly understand why: Katrina cares and she knows what she's doing. But they aren't cheap. Reasonable? Absolutely; but not cheap.  Now I am armed with an invoice and several potential funding sources, I just need to be persistent.  I also have a model horse that I painted (photo above) that I am trying to auction off here at The Model Exchange. It's not going well. It doesn't help that my pictures suck (an unfortunate side-effect of having a camera that sucks) but I'm hoping my rating and reputation will carry me a little, even if I have been 'out of the loop' for awhile. As I'm watching the auction, I'm noticing that none of the resin sculptures have a single bid. Not so encouraging but not the only iron in the fire, either. I will persevere.

    Maybe the lesson here is this: Sometimes a person needs help. I so HATE the idea of needing anything, and it's really tough for me to ask for things. I'm in a place where I either ask or stay stuck at square one. As bad as it is to ask for help, nothing is worse to me than feeling dependent and stuck. I will admit to also feeling a bit stuck in limbo while I wait and hope too, but at least it's a wait with possibilities;-)

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